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Student Employment

The University of Maryland hires thousands of students every semester. There are openings for Graduate Assistantships, Teaching Assistantships, and Administrative Assistantships and hourly part-time jobs. Assistantships provide graduate students with the financial resources necessary to pursue their degrees. This financial support—stipend, tuition remission, and benefits—is part of the University’s commitment to the success of our graduate students. Graduate Assistantships are part-time employment opportunities for enrolled graduate students at the University of Maryland. Available in many offices across campus, they offer an opportunity to work closely with faculty and students in teaching, administration, and more. Many assistantships cover your tuition and provide a living stipend; you should inquire when applying to any assistantship.

The benefits of a graduate assistantship include part-time employment, flexible schedules, tuition remission, competitive salaries, valuable experience and the opportunity to enhance your professional skills. You can learn more about graduate assistantship on the Graduate School's webpage.Being employed during the academic year or over summer or winter breaks is a great way to earn extra money, build a professional network, and gain valuable job experience that can transfer into your desired career goals.

How do I apply?

You must be an enrolled graduate student at the University of Maryland to qualify for these positions. You can apply by visiting UMD’s graduate assistant job postings. You can also visit the Careers4Terps (C4T) page for a list of available graduate assistantship positions (You need to be a UMD student to be able to access this page). There are also a small number of Resident Life Graduate Assistantships available. Visit the following websites for other employment opportunities: Career Center, Transportation Services, and the Athletics Department.