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Networking Laboratory

The Networking Lab facilitates hands-on education in computer networking, Linux system administration and server virtualization. The lab has two server racks with 58 Juniper SRX-240 routers, 11 Juniper EX-3200 switches, 13 Juniper EX-3300 switches, and three Dell PowerEdge R620 servers with VMware vSphere virtualization infrastructure.

The computer networking lab course (ENTS 749D) provides students with the opportunity to gain experience with the configuration and management of routers and switches. They learn how to interact with networking devices through the Junos OS and how to navigate the command line interface (CLI). During the labs, students build networks and configure network devices based on a set of specifications, policies and conditions.

Students taking the distributed systems course (ENTS 669B) gain hands-on Linux system administration skills and server virtualization skills in a VMware vSphere environment. The course teaches the Linux operating system architecture and components, the Linux command line, shell scripting and other important system administration tasks. In addition, students become familiar with the operation of virtual machines, the role of the hypervisor, and learn how to create, configure, copy and migrate virtual machines.