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Director's Message

Thank you for your interest in the Master’s in Telecommunications Program at the University of Maryland!

Our program offers cutting-edge cross-disciplinary education by the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and the Robert H. Smith School of Business. This exceptional combination allows students to enhance their technical background and gain the necessary business and management skills to advance their careers.

Our mission is to provide industry-oriented graduate education in telecommunications that produces graduates who are business-minded, possess the needed technical skills and are well versed in the latest technology trends. We offer a wide range of interesting and relevant technical courses in wireless communications, computer networking and cyber-security. Our thought-provoking business and entrepreneurship courses expose our students to economics, finance, marketing, and management.

I would like to bring to your attention our electives in computing, which further enhance our course offerings and prepare our students for successful careers in today's job market. We offer courses in embedded systems, operating systems, Linux system administration and server virtualization, optimization, algorithms and data structures, data mining and machine learning. Programming and scripting have a special emphasis in our program, so students have the opportunity to improve their programming skills in Python, Java and C.

The Master of Science degree in Telecommunications is very well respected in the industry. Our recent graduates have landed jobs at companies like Cisco, Juniper Networks, Amazon, Qualcomm, Hughes Network Systems, and Intel. After working in the industry for a few years, many of our alumni advance to engineering managers, product managers, and program managers. There are even directors and vice presidents among our alumni.

I invite you to explore our website or contact us directly at with any questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you!

Zoltan Safar, Director